Firstly. Take heart, and a deep breath, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I’ve been where you are and there is a solution.

I’m a naturally organised person, you could say it’s my superpower! And yet running my own business still overwhelmed me almost to the point of burn out.

The fundamental thing I’ve learned from the last decade is that small actions on a consistent basis gets results. It’s how I became an award-winning finance professional without going to university. It’s how I achieved huge success in my corporate career, and it’s how I now run my business.

Can you find 30 minutes a day on a consistent basis to turn your overwhelm into calm?

Hi, I’m Sharyn with a Why

Business Efficiency Coach and Master Time Bender

Before we go any further, it’s great to meet you! I’m looking forward to exploring how I can help you create the business of your dreams

In my corporate career, I ran multi-cultural, cross continent teams; was promoted in every job I had within 3 months of joining the company; transferred my skills to different departments and disciplines, even though the CEO who offered me the job didn’t think it possible to turn an accountant into a marketeer!

In short, I’m bad *ss at fixing business problem areas … yet running my own business proved to be the biggest challenge I faced, and continue to face! Do you know why?

I'd like to know more

You see it’s not just what you DO, that’s just half of the equation. It’s also how you GROW your business and how you RUN your business: The Time Trifecta.

How does your time compare to this benchmark?

Applying this ratio to each week, consistently, will make a huge difference to your experience of business. If you work full time, it will enable you to run your business in just 1 hour a day!

What will you do with the extra hours?

My Business Basics Blueprint for the Solo Business Owners summarises it beautifully. Without these fundamental foundations, you will always feel like you’re pushing water up hill!

Foundation 1 is SELF
– Self Awareness and Self Care. You are the lifeblood of you business, without understanding yourself and taking care of yourself, you cannot commit yourself to your business

Foundation 1 is SELF – Self Awareness and Self Care. You are the lifeblood of you business, without understanding yourself and taking care of yourself, you cannot commit yourself to your business

Foundation 2 is SYSTEMS – Your systems are the skeleton or backbone of the business, they keep you on the straight and narrow when the pedal hits the metal. Without systems you are at the whim of your moods, and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t managed to conquer my moods completely yet! Having a system, means you consistently do the same things, regardless of how you feel.

Foundation 3 is SUPPORT – Finally, you shouldn’t be doing this alone, you need support. Whether that’s a networking group, a VA, a coach or mentor or even staff. Going it alone ensures a financial, spiritual and intellectual glass ceiling, which as I said before, if you are happy with, then working with me is not for you. But if you are ready to expand yourself and your business then you might have found the SUPPORT you need (remember that 3rd Foundation block?).

The First Step

Take my FREE Business Basics Audit

If you are ready to make some changes, even if you maybe don’t know what they are yet, then the best way to see if we are a fit, is to have a chat.

But before we chat, here’s a link to my FREE Business Basics Audit. Why? Well it serves 2 purposes.

First, it gives you time to reflect on your business so when we chat, you’ve had time to consider where you need help and that gives you the best return on your time with me.

Second, it gives you an insight into what I ‘do’ so you can decide if chatting with me will be worth while for you.

You’ll find the audit in my free VIP Member Vault, especially created for busy Solo Business Owners ready to make that next step.

There’s other FREE resources in there too and signing up to the audit gets you INSTANT access to all the free stuff, so feel free to go ahead and binge! BUT …

Start with the audit, and see what it brings up for you. If you like what you see, say Absoloodle Yes to the last question, and that will give you access to my calendar. Then we chat. It’s that’s simple. 

Go to my Business Basics Audit

Some of my clients, don’t need anything else. 30 minutes with me and they get going straight away with what they need to do.

But some choose to short-cut the learning curve and continue the journey of gaining business mastery and running their business efficiently.

The point is, during the call we’ll assess what you need the most. It’s not salesy, it’s about you and your business. Take a look at what Bridget had to say … it’s just value for you, because if I can show you how much value you get from talking to me, then when you are ready, maybe you’ll think of me and we can work on your business together.

I have just done Sharyn’s Business Basics Audit with follow up call and can’t recommend it highly enough!

I surprised myself with the quiz, the need to be completely honest with your answers, gave me permission to say things as they really are, not how I thought they ‘should’ be. The quiz really brought out very truthful and personal responses, giving me an insight into my business that I hadn’t realised before.

In the follow up call with Sharyn, we very quickly got down to the nitty gritty of my business issues. Sharyn listened carefully and gave clear advice and ideas, that made loads of sense. After the call, Sharyn emailed me with the minutes of the meeting and agreed actions.

This is far more than I’d expected from a free quiz and follow up call. Sharyn is very generous with her time, experience and knowledge. She clearly wants to make a difference to your business situation.