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Welcome to our blog. Here we share our thoughts, our ideas and our pet peeves, all centred on business efficiency for entrepreneurs.

Why? Because we are both ex-corporate employees, albeit on different continents, who have experienced the benefits of large scale efficiency programmes. But we are both also entrepreneurs, running our own small business, and we realise how difficult that is.

My first shock when I went into business for myself was my loss of the IT department. All my corporate life, making friends with the IT department was my first priority on arriving at a new company. They were a wonderful resource in an area where I had no expertise. For a while my long suffering other half became my IT department, but eventually, like all entrepreneurs, I grabbed the bull by the horns and learned what I needed to learn. Eventually, I will outsource my IT to a specialist but for now and I’ve still more learning to do.

And that’s the trick to business efficiency for entrepreneurs. Understanding when it’s time for you, the entrepreneur, to do it yourself. And understanding when it’s time for you to put your time to better use.

That same long suffering other half is on this journey with me. He has been an entrepreneur for far more years than I have. He has endured the many hours of ‘doing it yourself’ because no one else can quite get it right, and he still works more hours himself than he would ideally like to. His solution? The same solution we can offer you – he’s using our outsourcing services and business process efficiency services himself – and it was the proudest moment of my own entrepreneurial journey when he asked me to do the work with him.

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