Who Would You Invite to Dinner?

Did you ever answer that question, if you could invite anyone in the world, living or dead, to dinner who would you invite? 

I would invite: 

  • Pythagoras – Mathematician and explorer of life, 
  • Einstein – Scientist and explorer of life 
  • David Phillips – A prominent European numerologist and explorer of life 
  • Sydney Banks – The bringer of the 3 Principles and explorer of life 
  • Boudicca – Prodding at the status quo 
  • Amelia Earheart – Physical explorer and Pusher of boundaries, and I feel like she would be fun 
  • Ancient Tribal Leaders / Medicine Women (names unknown) linked to the power of the earth 
  • My closest friends, because they would love to meet them too, ask them questions and share experiences 

Are you seeing my theme? Principles, theories, exploration of life and pushing boundaries… 

Have a go at the exercise, I did it in the car as it’s where I do most of my creative thinking. Go to your own creative thinking space and listen in to your intuition, what are your themes?  

Your themes can signpost you to your core values or true essence which, in turn, can influence who you are in business as well as in life.   

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was in my monthly Soul Circle. We were discussing our true essence and, in preparation, we had taken an online ‘strengths’ test. My primary strength was Teamwork. Now whilst in my corporate career, I could absolutely see where I was working to my strength; however in my current business, I work on my own except for the help of my lovely VA. But not exactly a team!  

The great thing about a circle is you share and receive the collective wisdom of the group, and last night was no exception. When I raised this, someone in the circle very wisely said to me, “But who is in your ‘virtual’ team? You have people that you learn from, listen to, share with, and they all form part of your team.”   

Hmm, an interesting concept. If I could invite anyone into my boardroom, who would I invite?   

You know I like a system, right? So I turned to my Solo Business Blueprint, it includes three core areas that, when they are fully operational, hits the small business sweet spot. So, it made sense to me to build my boardroom based on those areas. If you haven’t seen my Solo Business Blueprint, click here to check it out

Self – who supports me to be the best version of myself and reach my potential  

  • My Soul Circle – they allow me to explore  
  • Knowledge Broker Blueprint Family – they help me with my mindset (and tactics)  
  • Me – an odd one to put maybe, but actually I need to turn up as the leader in my boardroom  

Systems – what systems do I need and who helps me with that?  

  • My Own business strength – but make sure I do it for me too, not just my clients  
  • My Marketing Strategist  
  • Knowledge Broker Blueprint Family – it’s a system (and mindset)  
  • My Coach – because he’s teaching a system, but he could equally be in Support 

Support – no-one is an island, apart from my friends, who has my back?  

  • Monthly Soul Circle  
  • Networking group(s)  
  • My Business Inner Circle  
  • My lovely VA  
  • My partner  

What have I learnt from this exercise?  

Firstly, that I can probably streamline who I listen to and learn from; you know that ‘procrasta-learning’ thing that we are at risk of doing as Solo Business Owners? I could have had far more people in my boardroom and, actually, if I review it they are just creating noise. 

Secondly, that I probably have all bases covered and if I’m looking for ‘more’ I probably need to look within myself, not outside.   

Now there’s a whole other blog in that last sentence, so let’s stop right there for now!   

I’d love to know who you’d invite to dinner or your boardroom, and what that showed you about yourself. I’ve loved it as an exercise and I’m sure it will appear in my programmes from here on in! 

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