Transcendent – Going Beyond

Transcendent – I woke up with this word buzzing around my head on Monday. I had a vague feeling of what it might mean but nevertheless, I looked in up in the dictionary.  

The part of the definition that struck me the most was “Going Beyond”.  

We are all stepping into unprecedented times and moving into a period of reflection and change: Going Beyond.  

Very few of us find change comfortable, especially when it’s forced upon us by circumstances outside of our control, but I’m reminded of nature and the seasons.  

We are naturally cyclical beings. Our bodies change as we go through the seasons of life: be that the moon cycles, the ageing process (or wisdom process as I prefer to call it!), the movement from night to day, or the movement through the seasons. Yet somehow, in our current experience of life, we have lost our connection to that cycle. We are encouraged to be on constant overdrive; we are always pushing, always moving forwards. 

Let’s think about the seasons and their primary characteristics:

Spring – the time of birth 

Summer – the time of activity 

Autumn – the time of harvest and reflection 

Winter – the time of letting go of what is not serving us 

I wonder, do you notice these transitions in your life or business? If you do, you are probably more capable of adapting and transitioning to change; but if like most people you are almost always in a time of activity, you might be feeling challenged just now.  

I wonder if, out of this challenge, there is an opportunity to regroup and revisit the way we are ‘doing’ business? I’m pretty sure when you started your business you were looking for freedom; be that time freedom, financial freedom or freedom to turn your passion into profit your way. I’m also pretty sure you got sucked into the frenetic activity that inevitably happens when you start a new venture and you are doing All. The. Things. You’ve probably lost sight of that initial dream.  

Although the timing and the way we are being encouraged to relook at our life and business is possibly not of our choosing, perhaps we can make a positive step in this time of isolation and take time to review and reflect. 

Here are a few things you might take the time to look at: 

  1. Your clients – have you touched base with all your clients recently? Perhaps you could take time to contact them for a chat, and learn something about your relationship? 
  2. Your different business activities – do you know how profitable each one of your offerings is? Should you be changing your focus or your attention? 
  3. Your marketing activities – do you understand your stats? Are you sure that writing an article, posting on social media or writing an email is having an impact, on you or your clients? 
  4. Your health -where are you in your business? How are you showing up? Are you taking care of yourself? 
  5. Your systems – do you have any? Can you use this time to organise your life and business, so you are ready to burst forth anew when the isolation is lifted? 

And please, take heart. Yes, we may well feel that we are being forced right back into the middle of winter, and letting go can be painful, but spring always follows and then summer.  

Let’s grasp this opportunity to embrace our cyclical nature and begin to let go of that which is not serving us. It’s time for us to Go Beyond.  

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