Sharyn with a why

Sharyn is best known for being a ‘fixer’. Whatever the issue, she has an uncanny ability to cut through the rhetoric and get to the heart of the problem, helping entrepreneurs to sift the wheat from the chaff, saving valuable time and money.

She has laser insight into potential efficiency opportunities and lives and breathes process improvement. She works best collaboratively and is personable and approachable when coaching, teaching and training (but beware – she does hold people to a similar high standard!)

She doesn’t blindly follow formulas or create pretty charts and leave you to figure out the rest yourself, she is passionate about bringing measurable value, making a visible difference and she promotes tangible outcomes in all she does.

S.W.A.Y – Systems With Action Yield …. results

Let’s connect on Linked In – there’s loads of history and demonstrations of experience in there 🙂 

Erin – Sharyn’s PA

Erin has been working for Efficiency Guru since September 2019. She is here to offer you support or information on all of our programmes. 

Our logo is a pictorial representation of who we are and what we do – helping you to unleash your inner efficiceny guru.

At the centre of any business is YOU. The business owner; the entrepreneur; the keeper of the vision. Shining outwards into the wider community. Steering forwards.

Directly around you, and closest to you, are the friends and family at the core of why you do what you do. Why you want to succeed; what drives the 12+ hour days; the makings and trappings of your dream life. 

Beyond that, but directly tied to you, are your employees and their families. The difference that you make to the community that you work in. The infrastructure around you, be that physical or virtual.

And then finally beyond that your suppliers and sub-contractors orbiting around you like planets around the sun. Fulfilling the requirements you have to make your business a success.

The key to everything is co-creation. Each element understands the importance of those around them and also themselves. Knowing that in and of themselves, each element lacks completeness but together they keep the wheels moving forward and pointing in the right direction, making a difference. Witnessing progress.