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Who Would You Invite to Dinner?

Did you ever answer that question, if you could invite anyone in the world, living or dead, to dinner who would you invite?  I would invite:  Pythagoras – Mathematician and explorer of life,  Einstein – Scientist and explorer of life  David Phillips – A prominent European numerologist and explorer of life  Sydney Banks – The bringer of the 3 […]

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry: How to Choose a Coach

I often see small business owners in private groups, asking what steps they should take when hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group. Because I’ve just undertaken that very step, and because I’ve been burned in the past, and because I offer these services, so I know how I want my clients to feel, I thought I’d share my […]

3.5 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Follow that Shiny New Object!

No 8 in my decade of solo business learning is – You need FOCUS to work for yourself. There’s lots of bright shiny objects to distract you, all cunningly disguised as being a busy business owner!  When I wrote this, I was reflecting on distraction, and how easy it is to go down a rabbit hole when you work […]

A Decade of Small Business Learning

When I started to explore having my own business, I was completely and utterly unprepared for the reality! I was sure my corporate experience would stand me in good stead, and it did to a degree, but I still had so much to learn. Here is a list of some of the things I’ve learned, if you’d like to hear more detail […]